Become a Affiliate Partner

Offer our boats and earn 10% commission

    Vacation Home Rentals

    No matter if you are a private landlord of a vacation home or a rental agency with many houses - we are happy about every cooperation partner.

    Blogger and Influencer

    You run a travel blog or earn your money with social media - with us you can earn extra money.

    Travel Agents & All Other

    Our partner program is flexible to use - we are open for all creative marketing partners.

    Our successful partners

    How To Become a Affiliate Partner

    1. Send us an email

    Send us a short message via the contact form with some information like your name and website.

    2. We create you as a partner

    After we have received your information, we will add you as a partner in our system and will make suggestions how an optimal integration can look like. After that we will send you your personal partner code for the integration into your website.

    3. Earn Money

    If you need assistance with adding the partner codes to your website, we can also support you. As soon as the setup is complete, our solution will work fully automatically and you will have no more hassle.

    Advantages of our partner program

    Booking/Payment Management

    Our booking system is developed over many years and is constantly adapted to the market situation. We always offer customers an uncomplicated booking and payment process and thus achieve a high conversion rate.

    Large Selection

    We offer our customers a wide range of boats in different categories. These include bowriders, deck boats, center consoles and pontoon boats. In addition, we also offer deals in jet skis, yachts, and kayaks.

    Fair Prices and High Quality

    We offer our customers boats in different price ranges. This includes offer in the price entry as well as in the high-end range. No matter which boat the customer rents, our quality is always very high, regardless of the price.

    Start Earning Money Today

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How much money I receive for a referral?

      For each completed rental, our sales partners receive 10% of the rental price. Additional services that the customer can book, for example delivery, are not additionally remunerated.

      How the payouts works?

      We pay your commissions at the beginning of a new quarter for the previous quarter. In the case of larger referrals, interim payment is also possible.

      What happens when the customer has booked?

      After booking, the customer receives a booking confirmation with the relevant information for his booking. For example, the waiver that he still has to fill out. You have no effort with it and everything works through our automatic process.

      What happens when a boat is damaged?

      Damages, even short-term, can happen with any boat rental. However, we always try to rebook the customer to a alternative boat. Every time we make a rebooking, your commission is noted and paid out in anyway.

      In which languages is the affiliate program offered?

      Our affiliate program is set to English by default. Additionally we offer a complete translation for German speaking customers. Based on the set language of the Internet browser, the system automatically recognizes in which language our offers must be displayed. In the future we will provide more languages.

      What is the average rental price?

      On average, our rentals are around $1,500 per customer. At 10% commission, their payout is $150.

      What sales prices do distributors get to offer?

      Our partners receive the same good sales prices that we offer directly on our own websites. Thus, we enable a transparent and fair pricing policy.

      What happens if the customer cancels the booking?

      In the very rare case that the customer cancels his booking, unfortunately, we can not pay commission. Our cancellation rate is well below 1%.

      Can I view the bookings I have made?

      Yes you can. With every settlement you will receive the corresponding documents from us. We are interested in a long and trustful cooperation.


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